• Technical maintenance

    We provide you with different maintenance services for all common technical systems (including water, heating, gas and electricity systems). We also provide you with emergency services dispatcher and overall real estate management.
  • Indoor cleaning

    We can take care of all conceivable indoor surfaces - floors, walls and ceilings together with carpets and other textile covered surfaces. If needed, our experienced crew will even clean and disinfect your, kitchens, toilets and bathrooms.
  • Outdoor maintenance

    We can always offer you a selection of reliable, fully integrated exterior maintenance services that meet all the needs and expectations of maintaining your property. Whether it's snow and ice removing, hedge trimming or lawn moving - we can handle it all.
  • Special cleaning works

    Whether your building needs window washing, facade cleaning or has recently been refurbished, then keep in mind that our highly trained & skilled cleaning team can put the finishing touch to the job by cleaning, dusting and polishing the property thoroughly, bringing the spark in every corner.
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